Outdoor Wedding Design Ideas

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I'm in need for some ideas for a good outdoor (poolside, beach) wedding concept. Anyone have an idea? Friends of us are planning to get married next summer. They are thinking of an outdoor wedding (poolside, beach) and are in need for some ideas for a good outdoor wedding concept. Anyone have an idea?

What is the cheapest way to buy real flowers for an outdoor wedding in July in Tennessee? I mean CHEAP. Very tight budget. We can arrange them ourselves... my sister is GREAT at arranging flowers. Any ideas appreciated. :)

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Lace And Burlap Wedding Decor

Lace and Burlap wedding decor Via Nathalie Perreault Lace and burlap candle decorations Burlap and lace wedding table runners burlap by Bannerbanquet, $22.00 Share ... burlap and lace wedding ideas burlap and lace wedding decorations diy Wedding Chicks Wedding Blog - Custom Wedding Totes, Tanks & Totes ...

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I am planning a rustic wedding and am having trouble deciding if my dress will work with the theme? HELP!? I am getting married in August and have dreamed of having a rustic wedding. Our wedding is outdoors and I want lots of mason jars, burlap, and the whole rustic decor. One problem is, is that I fell in love with this dress--- http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_Strapless-Satin-A-Line-with-Beaded%20Waistband-WG3389 and it is not very rustic at all. The fit is perfect and it looked amazing on me, but the problem is, is that to me it seems more formal... I feel like the lace bridesmaids dresses that I pictured would have to change, because it doesn't really flow with what I am going to have on. If I could have opinions on if anyone thinks it would work or has any ideas they wanna know throw at me I would really appreciate the help!!

Wedding colors- navy, grey, and ivory, with natural wood decor? We are having a wedding this winter and want to do a rustic winter type feel with lots of naturals such as branches, wood burnt guest books, etc., ivory lace pieces, metal buckets for drinks, burlap ring pillow and aisle runner, twig flower basket, oil burn tealights, slightly wilted looking roses, etc. But we are having some problems choosing colors. We would like to do navy, grey, and ivory but was unsure of how that would pair with the natural color of the wood and burlap. Opinions?

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Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

Fall Decorating Ideas Outside Wedding Cake Decor ... Deciding on in season flowers for fall wedding decoration ideas 28 Fall Wedding Decor Ideas » Photo 10 fall wedding decorations ideas 111 Fall Wedding Decorations Ideas Download Wallpaper: Fall Wedding Decorations for Reception Photo Ideas 35 Amazing Fall Wedding Table Decor Ideas » Photo 33

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What is the meaning behind rose pedals for the flower girl? i am planning a fall wedding. it is a traditional formal wedding with a touch of country/western. i have thought about letting the flower girl throw leaves instead of pedals. would that be wrong? what is the meaning behind rose pedals. also if anyone has any ideas for decor with a horseshoe theme wedding please let me know. thanks

What party favor should I give out for my sister's wedding shower? I'm hosting my sister's wedding shower and I'm stumped on what to give out as favors to the party guests. My sister is having a fall themed wedding and she adores western decor and I want to incorporate both of those into the shower. So really, I want to know if anyone has any ideas on how to pull this off and do it as cheap as possible. Thanks in advance!!

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